Senior Marketing Associate

You: creative B2B marketing virtuoso who is unafraid to dig into data and numbers

Us: private partnership of boutique businesses that deliver solutions, advice, and forums for CEOs of the world’s leading companies.

This linchpin role in the marketing department helps with strategy and keeps projects moving forward. The G100 Companies marketing department supports the entire family of businesses, which means that no two days here are ever the same.


What we’re looking for

— A relentless project manager. You can toe the line between following up and stalking, and missing a deadline is completely unheard of. You’re used to managing up and managing over.

— A numbers guru. You love digging into data. You might even dream about pivot tables and vlookups. A personal Tableau license is probably on your birthday wishlist.

— A dedicated reader. In the business of serving CEOs, information and insights are the most effective tools in our toolbox, and without a commitment to understanding the outside world, we cannot effectively do our jobs.

— Someone who is maniacal about detail. When something has two spaces instead of one, you cringe. When a picture is slightly askew, you are compelled to straighten it.

— A strong writer. You’re the go-to person when people need a line edit or editorial gut check.


A sample of the day-to-day work

— Support the marketing team in brand projects, including web and collateral design and rollout, messaging, and general strategic oversight.

— Managing owned content distribution, which includes internal and external quarterly newsletters, social media, and other pieces.

— Develop SEO best practices and support of web activity analysis.

— Help manage lead-generating events in partnership with key leaders and marketing team. Develop content and assets from it as well.

— Find interesting content focused on key business issues for CEOs and management teams.

— Build and track campaign performance, present findings to the team, and offer insights for next steps.


The nitty gritty of what we’re looking for

— You should have 3-5 years of marketing experience, with at least 2 years in a B2B environment.

— You should be a CRM and marketing automation platform star—preferably Salesforce and Pardot.

— Ideally, you’re comfortable with Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud, HTML and CSS.

— You should have working familiarity of digital platforms like WordPress or another CMS, social media tools, etc.

— You’re comfortable working with people at all levels.


If you were here last month you’d have…

— Helped lead three brand projects for our businesses, including website design, collateral, and brand guidelines.

— Worked on two executive roundtables that convened 50+ senior executives.

— Taken a deep dive into metrics and reporting as we enhance our marketing dashboard.

— Propelled our owned content with the release of our winter notebook

— Kept the lights on with the too often overlooked world of marketing operations.


Apply on the career page of our sister firm SSA & Company.