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G100 Network Notebook | May

Where eBay Beats Google This Wired report explains why eBay, not Google, will win the next frontier of computing: language translation. Their secret? eBay engineers use global transaction data, an objective tool Google doesn’t have. Because eBay’s massive user base is coming to eBay not for esoteric academic or technical conversations but the simple back-and-forth […] Read More »

The New Era of Corporate Transparency: An Interview with G100 Network CEO Scott Miller

For this audio interview, Tom Gardner sat down with Scott Miller, CEO of the G100 Network, a group of more than 200 leading CEOs who meet to discuss best practices in the new era of corporate transparency. The former CEO of both Hyatt Hotels (NYSE: H) and United Infrastructure, Miller served on the board of AXA Financial, as well as several private companies, and is a special advisor to General Atlantic Partners. Miller is also a member of the boards of the Aspen Community Foundation and The Kravis Leadership Institute. Read More »

CEO Forum Interview With Scott Miller

Scott Miller| CEO – G100 Network Succeeding at Succession Scott Miller currently serves as CEO of G100 Network, a network of private learning communities for current and rising CEOs and the senior executives who work with them. The cornerstone of G100Network is G100, a private group of chief executives of the world’s largest and most […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | April 2014

Palmisano Post IBM Former IBM CEO Sam Palmisano tells companies to shift toward an integrated business model: one global supply chain for products, services, talent, capital, and ideas. Palmisano believes the days of managing region by region are fading. This is what he calls “the globally integrated enterprise,” which he described in a recent speech: […] Read More »

High Lantern Group Notebook | March 2014

1. Richard Branson: Bluster Machine Finally, a much-needed take-down of Richard Branson, who is usually the beneficiary of fawning, celebratory profiles that paint him as the hero-entrepreneur. In this review essay of Tom Bower’s biography of the Virgin CEO , David Runciman parses business success from flimflam: What holds all this scheming and posturing together […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | March 2014

Stan McChrystal’s Playbook Former General Stan McChrystal focuses not on war stories but how an organization facing extraordinary pressures can promote collaboration among different team members. Newsweek offers an inside look at how McChrystal’s new consulting business works with large corporate clients: The McChrystal Group is selling…a blueprint of how they used to hunt Al […] Read More »

High Lantern Group Notebook | February 2014

  1. The Gates of Rage Military historian Max Boot offers this masterful review of the memoir of former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. So good and incisive it makes reading the book unnecessary. Although Boot offers a favorable and respectful assessment, he also cleverly reveals how Gates falls victim to one of the grand Washington […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | January 2014

What is the New Approach to Activist Investors? Engagement by directors and executives to avoid costly boardroom battles, says The Wall Street Journal in this noteworthy piece, citing ISS data that reveals activist shareholders in 2013 won or settled for a board seat in 66% of all proxy fights, a 22% jump from 2012. Watch […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | November 2013

In this issue of the G100 Network Notebook we talk about the future of marketing with Twitter, why deregulation moves so slowly, how Edward Snowden damaged free trade & more. Can Engineers Be Managers? Google initially thought it could be a company without management. That has changed. Harvard Business Review offers an in-depth look at […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | August 2013

The G100 August Network Notebook is a monthly memo of news and noteworthy reading for G100 Network members from Daniel Casse, G100 President. In this issue we talk about the hype over China’s slowdown, conscious capitalism, the state of work in America, the bureaucracy of terrorism, the purchase of the Washington Post, the sharing economy, […] Read More »