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HLG Notebook | July 2013

1. A Guide to Hiring the Second-Best The vice-chairman of Ogilvy UK offers this counterintuitive, game-theory approach to hiring. Go after the people who didn’t graduate at the top of their class – or anywhere near it: If we confine our recruitment efforts to people in the lower half of the degree ladder, we shall […] Read More »

We need to make our society and cities age-friendly

When G8 leaders met last week in Belfast to discuss how to stimulate economic growth and improve fiscal health, they would have been wise to look southward towards Dublin. In the Irish capital, the European Union had just held the “EU Summit on Active and Healthy Ageing: An Action Agenda for Europe’s Cities and Communities” […] Read More »

HLG Notebook | June 2013

Six Ideas That Made Us Think: 1) Don’t Put Another Shrimp on the Barbie. 2) What Is the Cost of Recycling? 3) In the Future, There Will Be Lots of Revolutions. 4) The Politics of Political Baseball. 5) The Commencement Season's Best. 6) The Prophet of Unintended Consequences. Read More »

HLG Notebook | May 2013

Five Ideas That Made Us Think: 1) Memorial Day Tribute. 2) Sham Sommeliers. 3) Downing Dan Brown. 4) The New Yorker Whiffs. 5) The "Gift" of Longevity. Read More »