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G100 Network Notebook | October 2017

Politics Is Failing America – and Business The US political-industrial complex – supported by a network of lobbyists, super PACs, and the media, among others – has built up a duopoly that hurts citizens and businesses, argue Harvard Business School’s Michael E. Porter and former CEO Katherine M. Gehl. Their new report looks at strategies […] Read More »

The BS Business

Six Ideas That Made Us Think 1. The BS Business Do not miss Lucy Kellaway’s long, magnificent rant against “corporate claptrap.” Drawing on 25 years of listening to self-important, bloated clichés, she gives example after embarrassing example of meaningless business jargon. Among the many gems, former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrends stands out with “the most […] Read More »

The Art of the Protest

Six Ideas That Made Us Think 1. This Is How You Write About Hard Rock On the 30th anniversary of Def Leppard’s monumental hair-metal album, Hysteria, Rob Havilla writes an unforgettable encomium. Is it tribute or parody? Does it even matter? Every sentence is brilliant: If you stacked every stripper pole ever utilized during a […] Read More »

How Friendly are the Skies?

Six Ideas That Made Us Think 1. How Friendly are the Skies? If you are a nervous flyer, skip this article in Harvard Business Review. It argues that automation of the cockpit has introduced new risks: Automation provides massive data-processing capacity and consistency of response. However, it can also interfere with pilots’ basic cycle of […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | July 2017

Confronting Cyberwarfare Evolving cyber threats demand greater agility from security officers to protect a corporation’s most valuable – and vulnerable – assets. A Spencer Stuart study profiles how companies build better responsiveness by staffing cybersecurity teams with talent outside of IT and rethinking the CISO’s role: “More sophisticated CISOs are social butterflies; they’re very collaborative. […] Read More »

SSA & Company Notebook | Summer 2017

Ideas That Made Us Think Delivering on Robotic Process Automation’s Promise Robotic process automation (RPA) can fundamentally change the way companies operate. While many financial services firms have experimented with the technology, universal best practices have yet to surface, leaving many to learn as they go. Deutsche Bank made significant investments in RPA over the […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | June 2017

The Fed’s Lone Dissenter For the second time this year, Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari voted against raising interest rates, sounding a more optimistic tone about the economy than Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Kashkari, the lone dissenter on the Federal Open Market Committee, asked recently: Why are we trying to cool down the economy, […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | May 2017

Transformation Lessons from Transportation Last year, I sat down with former Steelcase CEO Jim Hackett shortly after he traded his Ford director seat to lead a new operational division in Smart Mobility. Our conversation takes on greater significance today, given how Ford’s recent management shakeup requires Jim to reprise his role as CEO and usher in […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | April 2017

How an Icon Stays Agile To the surprise of some, Ford has pulled ahead in the driverless car race, thanks to AI investments and acquisitions of ride-sharing and lidar startups, says Wired: “That may sound all kinds of wrong to anyone who has seen Uber, Waymo, and Tesla flaunt their tech, and regards Detroit’s old […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | March 2017

How to Learn from Startup Success With “strategic philanthropy,” says a report about Google’s new spin on the startup accelerator. Under the program, Google finds mature startup talent in emerging markets and helps them solve business challenges with six months of free funding and mentorships. This offers Google crucial product feedback from different markets while […] Read More »

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