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Why We Fail at Feedback – and How We Can Do Better

Miles To Go | Volume 1 | Issue 2 | Summer 2014 For many leaders, the discomfort felt in receiving feedback about their performance is surpassed only by the discomfort in giving feedback.   This comes through loud and clear when you look at how well CEOs are mentoring their management team – a process […] Read More »

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed by HLG’s Michael Hodin

High Lantern Group Managing Partner Michael Hodin and American Enterprise Institute’s Nick Eberstadt co-authored an op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal. In “America Needs to Rethink ‘Retirement’: Unleashing the Economic Power of Older Workers Is Essential for U.S. Prosperity,” Hodin and Eberstadt discuss why 21st-century demographics should profoundly shape how we think and act […] Read More »

SSA & Company Expands Team

As design plays an increasingly important role in the world of operations, process, and technology, SSA & Company is leading this trend among strategic management consultancies. To point: SSA is bringing on a new Managing Director for New Products and Innovation – Jason Meil – who joins the company from Method. Read More »

March Madness Leadership Lessons

“March Madness” is upon us. Over a few weeks, millions will watch the nation’s top college basketball teams compete to become the 2013 NCAA champion. We’ll both be watching, too, but for a different reason. Neither one of us will have a team to cheer for; we won’t be tracking the progress of our tournament brackets. What we will be looking for are the opportunities the tournament provides to observe leaders that face great challenges. Read More »

Why Are Boards Coming Up Short In Performance?

No board member sets out to be mediocre. And yet as institutional shareholders and activists are “grading” board performance on a steeper curve than ever before, their view is that many boards are coming up short. Read More »

Fewer CEOs Are Serving on Outside Boards

There’s nothing like serving as a public company director for getting an inside view of corporate leadership. That’s why many governance experts think it’s an excellent way for C-suite executives to keep their management skills honed. Yet the number of sitting CEOs who sit on outside boards keeps shrinking. Read More »

Smoke Signals From the Vatican: Picking Popes and CEOs

As the oldest succession process in the world kicks off at the Vatican, the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church is facing some truly modern challenges—ones that many global companies also face as when searching for their next CEO. Read More »

Monday Morning Leadership Lessons from Super Bowl XLVII

“The Super Bowl shows what million-dollar players and coaches are truly made of when the stakes matter most,” says leadership coach Stephen Miles, founder and CEO of The Miles Group. Read More »

The Advice I’m Giving CEOs This Year

"The best CEOs I work with are always learning," says Stephen Miles, founder and chief executive of The Miles Group. "The certainties of today – whether it's relying on a particular business model or banking on a 'category killer' or operating under a particular regulatory framework – can be up-ended and disrupted tomorrow. Corporate chiefs who internalize this reality are best equipped to steer their companies through disruption." Read More »

New Year’s Resolutions in 140 Characters or Fewer

We asked several prominent business leaders and management consultants to use a tweet to suggest one resolution you should make to enhance your life and your career in 2013. Here’s what they had to say in 140 characters or fewer: Read More »