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SSA Notebook | December 2014

Each quarter, we scan the business landscape and highlight provocative stories. Through our G100 Companies sister firms — G100 Network, High Lantern Group, The Miles Group, and CEO.works — we enjoy exclusive access to insights from world-class organizations and a distinct perspective on what is top of mind for leading CEOs. This issue also includes […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | October 2014

Strategy, Talent and Operations Integration: How T.J. Maxx Succeeds in Retail A recent Fortune article explores T.J. Maxx parent company TJX’s striking success. Sales increased 50% over six years to $27.4B and profits tripled. While the article discusses many tactics, it also conveys the company’s strong ability to integrate strategy, operations and talent management. Unlike […] Read More »

Cutting Costs Through Shrink Reduction

Achieving significant and lasting cost savings by changing the way retailers approach the persistent problems of shrink and concealed losses. For an industry where company margins typically hover between 1% and 2%, shrink remains a critical opportunity to enhance company performance and improve the bottom line. While most retailers have tried a variety of tactics […] Read More »

Addressing the Root Causes of Risk in Clinical Trials

Background As Pharmaceutical companies shift their emphasis away from the blockbuster model, they need to bring a broader portfolio of drugs to market. This escalates the complexity of clinical trials—the most costly and time-consuming component of the drug R&D cycle—through higher costs, recruitment challenges and new training demands. A potentially more serious problem is discussed […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | July 2014

Speed of Service, Company Culture: What Businesses Can Learn from Chipotle’s High-Velocity Burrito Chipotle’s approach to faster and better customer service pays off: the chain recently increased hourly transactions during peak hours by 10 percent. Chipotle focuses on its “four pillars of great throughput.” From “linebackers,” who monitor the countertop, to the extra person between […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | April 2014

G100 Companies Exclusive: Borrowing Next Practices from Other Industries to Leapfrog the Innovation Process This winter, G100 Companies hosted a dinner to celebrate the work of Michael Dowling, Chief Executive Officer, and Kathleen Gallo, Chief Learning Officer, of North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (LIJ). An early proponent of pay-per-performance contracts and transparent publishing of […] Read More »

Supply Chain Outsourcing Webinar – A(R)evolution

Is supply chain planning/management ready for outsourcing? At 2PM EST on Mar 6, explore the evolution of outsourcing, trends in supply chain today, and what this means for supply chain outsourcing in a webinar with experts Erwin Hermans, VP (Celestica), Jason Meil, MD (SSA) & Cory Eaves, MD (General Atlantic). This webinar examines the evolution […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | Holiday Edition| Winter 2013

In the spirit of the holidays, we are happy to share two of this year’s most inspiring business stories, which I heard at a recent Deming Center board meeting. The Deming Center for Quality, Productivity, and Competitiveness at Columbia Business School is a consortium of leading institutions chartered to create operational excellence in major corporations […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | December 2013

More than a GPS: UPS Will Use Big Data to Save Fuel and Customize Deliveries UPS previously made headlines when it updated its route-planning processes to save fuel by avoiding left turns and peak hours. Today, it pushes the boundaries of network planning and optimization by incorporating tribal qualitative data into its models. According to […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | October 2013

  How PBS Reinvented Itself from a Legacy Brand to a Digital Leader by Rewarding Failure In order to continuously innovate, businesses must applaud experimentation, even when it fails. This HBR piece highlights how this very notion transformed PBS. In 2007, PBS faced stalled growth and a weak product pipeline. Moreover, a “deeply engrained culture […] Read More »