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A compilation of recent, high-quality business insights from our businesses that brings together some of the best ideas and stories on Vision and Ideas, Strategy Execution, Top Leadership Effectiveness, and Talent and Succession.

G100 Network Notebook | October 2018

Why Innovation Dies at Big Companies Do incumbents underestimate the velocity of change for disruptive technologies and competitive upstarts within and outside their industry, as Clay Christensen’s argument goes? Or, as economists Rebecca Henderson and Kim Clark posit, does a failure to reinvent organizational structure in legacy companies doom good ideas? Tim Harford parses examples […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | September 2018

The Most Expensive Cyberattack in History In a matter of hours on June 27, 2017, the NotPeyta cyberattack shut down the Ukrainian government and many major utilities and paralyzed operations at global companies including Mondelez, Merck, and Maersk. The sum total of damages is estimated to be over $10 billion, making NotPetya the most costly […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | August 2018

Why Rebels Can Be Your Best Employees For companies pursuing innovation, managing the tension between experimentation and rigor has traditionally proved tricky. Leaders who do this best, like Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura, identify and embrace “rebel talent” better than others, explains behavioral scientist and Harvard Business School professor Francesca Gino. Gino discusses her research on […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | July 2018

From Store to Door, With or Without Humans Remember Amazon’s drone delivery promise? It’s reality in China, where JD.com – the country’s second largest e-commerce outlet, backed by Tencent, Walmart, and Google – has been using drones to deliver goods since 2017. The New Yorker goes on the ground in Zhangwei to explore how drone […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | June 2018

An AI Pulse Check At our G100 Spring Meeting earlier this month, entrepreneur Barney Pell explained the importance of incrementality in integrating machine learning processes in the workplace. Andreessen Horowitz partner Benedict Evans expands on where machine learning succeeds today, offering a starting point for companies deciding what questions to ask of existing data: We’re […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | May 2018

What Will Fuel the IoT Revolution? A proliferation of smart sensors – about 50 billion of them – will be installed by 2023, transforming nearly everything into a computing device. Data from these sensors, coupled with AI and predictive analytics, will deliver higher efficiencies with better prediction, says C3 IoT CEO Tom Siebel. In a […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | April 2018

Uber CEO’s Wild Ride Now eight months on the job, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has one of the tallest – and most closely scrutinized – orders in tech: fix the much-maligned company culture, bring together a fractured board, grow, and go public in the next year. The New Yorker’s profile details how Khosrowshahi is updating the executive […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | March 2018

A Growing Wave of Activist CEOs The CEOs of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Delta, and Citigroup, by responding publicly to the Parkland school shooting, joined a growing group of business leaders speaking out on contentious issues. Harvard Business Review offers an update on CEO activism, leading with how Marc Benioff triangulates employee support with organizational values, […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | February 2018

How Amazon Rebuilt Itself as an AI Company By connecting projects across the enterprise, luring machine learning experts with ambitious products, and combining AI tools with cloud services. Wired shares the fascinating story of how Amazon created their AI flywheel, which includes offering machine learning-as-a-service to AWS cloud customers: Yes, Google may offer customers super-fast, […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | January 2018

CEOs’ Existential Threat The tech-adoption cycle has sped up so rapidly that any CEO not personally leading a digital transformation in their companies will inevitably fail, says Tom Siebel, chairman and CEO of C3 IoT. On the coming corporate extinction event and those CEOs who are reinventing the transformation playbook: When I see CEOs who may […] Read More »

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