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A compilation of recent, high-quality business insights from our businesses that brings together some of the best ideas and stories on Vision and Ideas, Strategy Execution, Top Leadership Effectiveness, and Talent and Succession.

G100 Network Notebook | December 2015

The Future of Transportation Apple turned heads recently by announcing its electrical vehicle will have a 2019 delivery date, one year ahead of the earliest forecasts for road-ready, autonomous vehicles. While Apple intends to roll out autonomous features in later models, the ambitious goal signals how fast the secretive “Project Titan” is moving. One vocal […] Read More »

HLG Notebook | November 2015

1. “Marketing and Advertising Industries Hate Older People” The British blog Ad Contrarian takes aim at the “demographic cleansing” of the marketing and advertising industry, “where there is almost no one over 50 left”: A milestone in marketing stupidity has been reached. According to a September report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, a majority […] Read More »

HLG Notebook | October 2015

1. The Millennials in the Gray Flannel Suit Sorry, Millennials: You’re boring. You are neither restless nor footloose. You are not job-hoppers, but yearn for a life of corporate stability. And despite all the advice we’ve heard about how to keep you employed – from CNBC, Fortune, and inevitably, The Huffington Post – a new […] Read More »

Press Release: SSA & Company Hires Deb Henretta as Senior Advisor

SSA & Company Hires Deb Henretta as Senior Advisor New York, NY – SSA & Company (SSA) has hired Deb Henretta, former Global President of e-Business at Procter & Gamble (P&G), as Senior Advisor. Deb’s role is to help companies better use big data and advanced analytics to drive strong, sustained top-line and bottom-line results. […] Read More »

SSA Notebook | Fall 2015

Can Walgreens Increase its Customer Base by Outsourcing Delivery? A recent Fortune article reports that Walgreens is partnering with Postmates, an on-demand delivery services app that started with restaurants. This will be available in all cities where Walgreens has a presence and Postmates operates. It’s a win-win partnership: Walgreens differentiates itself and Postmates provides customers more service options and […] Read More »

Press Release: SSA Expands Private Equity Practice

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — SSA & Company (SSA), one of the world’s leading management consulting firms, announced today it has hired Paul de Janosi and Jeff Krajacic to help lead its Private Equity practice. The appointment of these two top private equity practice executives to SSA’s leadership team comes amid increasing demand from private equity firms for on-the-ground […] Read More »

HLG Notebook | September 2015

1. How Much Will Technology Reveal About Player Performance? Two great articles about wearable technology this month show how we are on the cusp of what might become an enormous transformation in professional sports. Both the NFL and the NBA are experimenting with wearable devices that track an athlete’s every movement. But as Grantland explains, […] Read More »

G100 Network Notebook | September 2015

Apple’s Angela Ahrendts: “Chief Emotive Officer” That characterizes her new role at Apple leading an ambitious effort to revitalize store culture and merge retail with online operations, says Fortune. The story offers a delightful account of how Tim Cook lured Ahrendts away from the helm at Burberry after she drove a remarkable turnaround. The move […] Read More »

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